Meet Some of Our Veterans

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Meet Some of Our Veterans

James Glotz is an Air Force Veteran in level 5 of the LVN program. James always wanted to go into nursing to make a difference and help those in need. He got sidetracked as a mechanic in the Air Force but observed the medics in the military and knew that once he got out he would continue his education in nursing. “I love my country and it has always been in my nature to help my fellowman by serving in the military. This gave me the discipline and leadership skills to focus on becoming a nurse. Both my parents graduated from Casa Loma College in the 70’s (Patricia Steinborn and Frederick Glotz). It has been an honor following in their footsteps and to look forward to being of service to others.”

James is in the Air Force Reserve while a full time student at Casa Loma College.

Luis Miranda is a full time Level 3 LVN student active in the Army Reserve. He joined ROTC in High School and 4 years after 9/11 enlisted in the Army. He wanted to do something meaningful that would make a difference to others. After Active duty, he found a job in the Accounting Dept. of a local hospital which reinforced his dream to become a nurse.

This dream became a reality when he was accepted into Casa Loma College’s LVN program in 2009. Unfortunately his education was interrupted when his Reserve unit was called to Iraq for 12 months. This did not deter Luis from his goals for he worked in Preventative Medicine in Iraq enabling him to explore ways to prevent infections , maintain healthy living quarters, keep drinking supplies clean and many more health related issues pertinent to survival.

Once back in LA, Luis returned to Casa Loma College in January 2011 to continue the LVN program. Luis is married with 3 children—2 daughters, and a son.